Exploit vs. Explore … Alpha

Just as an aside, before I start, please revisit the title and re-say it in your head this way. Cheers.

A couple of weeks ago, through this blog, I’d shared my talking points that supported a recent presentation I’d given on Exploitation vs. Exploration within a company. Do you rest on what you know, or do you explore uncharted New Worlds?

As I was looking for a file the other day, while bemoaning the inherent wickedness of knowledge management, I came across some of my earlier thoughts in a cryptically titled .docx file - ‘Some Thoughts’. Thought I would share with you all.

  1. An organization is structured around an idea, a product, or the delivery of a service
  2. The organization begins small
  3. As the organization becomes successful it grows
  4. As part of the process of growing, specialization occurs.
  5. As a result of specialization, interfaces are created. These represent barriers between groups of people supposedly working in the service of the ‘parent’ as it seeks to deliver upon 1 above.
  6. Given these prior considerations, unless there is an appropriate container or coordination among separate specialized functions, these functions grow to operate in the service of the function - and not in the service of the whole.

I’ll elaborate on what this might mean in a future post but, for now, noodle the above, and know that even if you see or experience 6 - there is a simple web based tool that can enable coordination and interaction among functions - Lunch Roulette. Interested in learning more? Drop us a line.

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