We can get you past no … Probably.

A wonderful Daily Shout from New Yorker contributor Hallie Cantor caught my eye last week: “Everything I Am Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances to Get Coffee”.

Thankfully, processes like Lunch Roulette can help. Organizations that use our platform have made the act of opting into random lunch meetings super easy … so we can get you past the first two hurdles right off the bat:

  1. They will say no.
  2. They will say no and laugh at me for not having enough existing friends to get coffee with

My favourite, and probably the thing I am most afraid of when talking to any new person is #16, “They’ll want to talk about CrossFit.” That, unfortunately, Lunch Roulette cannot help with.

In other news, a Vox article that caught my eye last week reminded me of an earlier Lunch Roulette blog posting bemoaning the fact that people pooh-pooh lunch. After a decade in Switzerland the authour of this piece realised that there’s something a little odd about that, and decided to share. Have a read, it’s an interesting cultural reflection.

Finally, if you’ve 20 some minutes to spare, have a watch of our friend Greg Lindsay as he describes more of his recent thinking on ‘Engineering Serendipity’.

As the regular reader of these scribblings you’ll be interested to note that Mr. Lindsay is now talking about unknown knowns … a more realistic position, we felt, that we shared with Mr. Lindsay earlier this year. As you may recall (lol), we highlighted our thinking through talking about light cones and relativity. So, apparently that is a thing that can work.

Physics #FTW.

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